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Parents, parents, parents……..

Here are some tips that are very useful for a great session to happen. I am going to go into basic stuff first, stuff like:

Before the session, please have your children groomed, well-rested and well-fed.

Please do not give your children gold fish or any other staining snacks.

Dress your children in neutral simply toned clothing. I always go for natural but funky clothes. Please stay clear of animal prints for girls and khaki pants or short for boys…. Nothing more boring than khaki and a white polo shirt for photographs. Don’t get me wrong, I want your children to look like themselves in the images, but the point of these photographs is to capture them and not their current styles. So, again, simple colors, light tones: off white, grey, olive greens, tan, etc….

If you would rather go for more colorful clothes, that’s ok, too. Again solid and simple. A gorgeous yellow dress would look amazing on your little girl!! As long as you match the tone of the colors with your other children, it will be great!! Do not match them completely, keep in mind their personalities, but do match the tone of the colors.


That’s pretty simple, now what’s really important for the session:


We all want to have your children to smile and act great and cooperate at the session.  TRUST ME when I tell you that is what I want. We also want the children to look at the camera and communicate with the photographer taking the image, meaning me.

Not you.

Not here. Not at our session. Unless it’s a family session and I ask you guys to play around and look at each other and etc.

SO PLEASE, please refrain yourself from singing, making silly noises, jumping up and down to get your child to smile and etc.. Your child, naturally, will look at you and respond to you and your image will show them looking at you (when you are behind me) and not in the camera! Also, please understand that children will be somewhat uncomfortable at first and might act up, so please don’t punish them or threaten them… It will ruin our session. BRIBING, on the other hand, is definitely a plus. lol Tell them they will get ice cream …etc for good behavior…..

SOOOOOO, to avoid children listening to you and not me,  you have to give me full control of your kids. Sometimes, many times, walking away is the best thing to do. You can watch from far away…far enough that they pay attention to me.

I will be singing, I will be making silly noises, I will be getting their attention. I will bring out emotions out of them. It’s my job 🙂 It’s how I get those images. I need them to look in the camera to get those far-away looks..and etc….


Smiles, giggles, pouty faces, calm, thoughful, sleepy, tired, excited, whatever it might be, it has to come from me.

That’s first and for most.

Second, do not, do not bring your camera and start taking pictures. For the same reasons.


Now, for family sessions, when you are in the images, try to  think about how you look and not your kids. Pay more attention to yourself and where you are, I will take care of your kiddies 🙂

Also, show as much affection as possible. Hug, kiss, tickle (but not too much) your kids, swing with them side to side, dance… closing your eye is ok at these sessions, it shows emotions. It shows how much you love your precious ones…..

The goal of the session is to capture your children and you as you and they are right now. At my sessions, let your kids be kids. If they want to run around it’s ok, if they want to throw leaves or jump up and down it’s ok, I will capture that, too. We don’t want phony smiles, if anything I would rather see a natural pouty face than a fake smile, nothing worse than a fake smile.. yikes!! So let them be them and I will do my job 🙂

I promise we will have an amazing session!!!! Every child is different.. some are quite others are crazy, it’s my job to find approach to each and every one of my little clients :0 Usually, we have so much fun, that we are both crying when we have to part… yes. yes I am a big child!!!   SO,  keep these tips in mind and LET’S HAVE A GREAT SESSION!!!