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1. What kind of lighting do you use when you photograph newborns and with what settings?

I often receive emails asking what kind of lighting I use and my  studio set up: natural light or studio light. Well, when I first started out with newborn photography I used natural light and several years ago have switched to studio lights and never looked back. Right now I work strictly out of my newborn studio in my home, which has no windows, I use Alien Bee 400 light and I have it set at its lowest (1/32). This way I can work with wide aperture. My setup looks something like this:


here are some pullbacks

newborn photography on long island

newborn photography on long island

newborn photography on long island


So, here are the settings that I use almost every time: I like to shoot wide with newborns and always focus on the eyes, unless of course I’m shooting something other than his/her face 😉


During the session, I move the light around a bit, especially when I try to get the best macro shots, but mostly the light stays in this position: to the left of me at 90 angle to the bean bag and on the same line with baby’s nose. This gives me a nice feathered light.

In post-processing I throw on my edits and

here is the final image:

newborn photography on long island

I get the shot I want in camera most of the time. Sometimes the corner of the blanket is cut off  (like above) and I have to fill it in during post processing. I do not like doing that. It takes me forever to go through every image to fix something that could have been avoided during the shoot… In the next post, I will share with you my post-processing technique and how it takes me less than an hour to edit the entire session….